It all began when three professionals from different backgrounds came together with a shared dream to transform lives through meaningful and structured Coaching, Training & Mentoring programs imparted online or onsite to reach everyone.

With over 100+ years of combined Global experience between themselves, they formed TEAM LEAP ROAR NOW. The only thing that remained was to build the edifice right from the bottom. The journey of TLRNOW begun during September 2017 and here we are with you!

TLRNOW is a confluence of offerings that will help individuals excel in their personal and professional lives. Our growing network of 80+ mentors across domains and locations support the seekers with Coaching, Training, Mentoring. We add value to your life by assisting you in enhancing your skills.


Aspire to be the leader in enabling individual success through coaching, mentoring and training


Create a world class ecosystem of elite Coaches, Trainers and Mentors by leveraging the use of technology to provide customized solutions that facilitates measurable personal transformation.

The Founders

Management Team

The Associates