Our Offerings

Signature Programs

Specific onsite programs for Middle & Top management professionals.

Awareness Programs

Talk sessions on diverse topics with focus on awareness through experience sharing.

Campus Programs

Programs specifically designed for students from educational setups to develop and enhance employability skills

Offsite Programs

These Programs are conducted at beautiful locales or places of interest for all segments, practically everyone.

Our Approach

We believe that every service that we impart should ultimately be measured for impact. So we focus on continuous follow up to measure the transformation.

  • Co-create & Design

    The Lead Transformer goes through detailed requirement understanding to help TLRNOW experts clearly chart out the client need. An exhaustive proposal is then designed and finalized with the client.

  • Prepare & Deliver

    The identified TLRNOW expert prepares details of the programs and shares with the client for concurrence. The agreed format & content is delivered by the expert as per the defined schedule.

  • Review & Feedback

    At least one TLRNOW representative attends the program and creates a reports which is later digitized for client consumption.

  • Track & Value Add

    Each participant is registered in the TLRNOW system for tracking and frequent surveys are conducted to measure the overall progress of the learner and share progress with the client.

People Transformation Programs


These are awareness program, around 5 different lives that we live. These programs are conducted for all ages, segments and geos.


    The programs are designed mainly to transform students from regular learning to polished learning and thus gear up for professional journey.


    The programs are designed to address the critical aspects of personal life such as relationship, Work life balance, stress management, mindfulness and overall well being.


    The present world requires each of the professionals to stay competitive and grow to pinnacle Of life. This programs are mainly designed for professional go on rising in the career map.


    These programs provides a guidance on the structure of personal financial planning and bring a balance between happiness and wealth accumulation.


    These programs brings out the best in you to contribute back to society. As a citizen of earth, we carry bigger responsibilities around sustenance and better life for everyone.

HIT Series

These programs are specially designed for students in colleges, to gear them with employability skills. These programs generally span between 3 days workshops to 30 days workshop during an year.

  • Goals & Accomplishments

    The students get clarity about their career or professional goals.

  • Comprehensive Soft skills

    Soft skill topics ranging from communication to etiquettes.

  • Career Strategy

    Plan a long term strategy and break it in smaller achievable goals.

  • Getting ready for Jobs

    Learn the key norms of professional world.



    These Programs are conducted at beautiful locales or places of interest for all segments, practically everyone.

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