May I take your order ? Yes…a Coach please.

May I take your order ? Yes…a Coach please.

The Basic Needs hierarchy (with due apologies to Maslow) has seen another redux… Wi-FI, which made a successful entry into the need hierarchy has a new cherubic, bonny sibling, #Coaching.

Look around you, everyone is talking about Coaching. Not a single discussion around people development is bereft of this word…some of the common themes I hear nowadays when I meet prospects, clients or individuals or leaders are along the following lines:

  • We think Coaching will work wonders for our team….
  • Can you Coach X….he has the following issues…
  • Do you think Coaching will help our team?
  • I think I need a Coach…..
  • I am sure I need a Coach…..
  • Do you think I need a Coach?

etc etc…

While this is music to the ears for Coaches all over, let us take a bit of time to ponder….if the grass is greener on the other side, is it a screen saver!

Truth time….

For the Asterix fans out there, Coaching is not a magic potion that is more potent than what Getafix rustled up for the Gauls.

For the non-Asterix fans (hard to think of such folks), Coaching is no silver bullet. There is no ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures that one can flash with Coaching


Unless one understands what Coaching is and what it means to be coached.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as ‘partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.’

Of the 19 words in this definition, the first word stands out for me …partnering….for me this is like the proverbial dot….the beginning and the end.

If one wants to be Coached, one needs to understand that it is a partnership.

This bridge crossed over safely what are the key elements of this partnership that one needs to be aware of as one seeks Coaching?

I would now go back to the ICF definition of Coaching and pick up the last word there….potential.

POTENTIAL for me is the yardstick to assess one’s ability and willingness to be coached…a sort of Coachability Quotient (CQ) if I may call it.

Let us examine POTENTIAL in detail


Do you have the inherent passion in wanting to develop yourself?


Are you candid, honest and sincere, willing to have open conversations?

Will you be able to tell a Coach if a Coaching conversation is not going the way it should?

Time conscious

Are you ready to set time bound goals for yourself and challenge yourself to achieve them?

Are you ready to turn up for sessions (telephone/in person) on time?


Are you read to give those grey cells some serious work and explore horizons hitherto untouched? (Spoiler alert….a Coach does not ‘give’ you the answers)


Working towards goals needs not only agility but also adaptability depending upon the situations as they unfold.

Are you quick to make these changes while not losing sight of the goal(s)?


Do you give processes time to evolve and shape themselves. Do you give yourself time to evolve or do you beat yourself up for small setbacks?


Are you involved in conversations? Do you set aside distractions (phone, mails et al)


Do you think in a way that encourages and desires growth, have confidence, and respect for a process?

Leverage self-awareness

Are you aware of your strengths and need for development?

If yes, how will you leverage these for your growth?

If you answers to most of these questions is a loud “YES” OR

If it is not a “YES” but you are ready to be conscious of these elements,


Yes, you can place your order for a Coach.

Success, believe me you…..will be on the house!


I have had the fortune of Coaching some incredible individuals and this article is based on some of the characteristics I have observed in them as they worked towards realizing their goals. It is in a way, my tribute to them for helping me understand and learn


The picture in the article is a creation of yours truly. Should anyone want to use it for non-commercial purposes, please feel free do so. An acknowledgement when you use it, would warm the cockles of my heart.